Dynamism in Public Space

To identify a space which behaves dynamically through time and observes the way, how people engage with space. The time brings in dynamism in space to the event happening in that frame.


02The Light House junction at Marina beach was the choice of place exhibiting dynamism. The beach is the most sort spot for the people in coastal cities. On a daily basis, the above frame seems to be transforming as the sun sets.

01This frame is along the pavement in front of the Light House. The hot sun doesn’t allow any activity from the morning till evening, other than walking. After sunset, the Light House brings in the crowd and the hawker lady’s stall on the pavement draws public.


Behind the light house along the Nochikuppam road, after 6 p.m the traffic starts to flow through this road and the homeless people start to settle in the beach. The activities that happen here are vibrant and there are few subjects which remain stationary. The idea was to emphasis the stationary subjects with the activities exhibiting dynamism in public spaces.

Acknowledgement: This project was a group effort for the elective Journalism and Photography and I thank my team for their support.

Perspective Matters


Being an architecture student and a passionate photographer, I was always fond of making photographs from the point of view of the structure which exhibits perspective. I realise that when my lens takes a position with the structure as subject, the perspective by itself is framed by the structure where the sky or the ground turns to be a canvas for it.


Tired and Unsure




#1 Random Sketches – Elements of nature

I always follow the constraints to develop my process. This sketch is developed from the random idea of making the elements of nature to meet. I started to sketch the lines which depicted the characteristic of elements of nature like fire, water, earth and the wind. Then, the respective colours of the elements took their place along with the lines.